Basic information

  • Season
    May - October
  • Menu
    Hot and cold drinks
  • Kitchen
    Traditional beach meals
  • Capacity
    25 seats
  • Location
    Right on the beach
  • Opening Hours
    8:00 - 18:00
Snacks on the beach

The beach buffet

In the area of Autocamp next to Hotel Studnička there is a traditional beach buffet with wooden construction and wooden seating. There are traditional buffet delicacies, draft beer, kofola, ice lollies or ice-cream and many other goodies that inherently complement the atmosphere of beach relaxation, quench thirst and saturate. There are, of course, traditional Slovak restaurants in the surrounding. If you spend your free time with your kids, the younger ones will definitely have fun on the playground. Meanwhile, you can enjoy real dewy glass of beer in your peace and keep your children in sight.

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